Turbo RHF5HB VF30 Suits Subaru WRX

(Product Code: VD440017)

IHI VF30 WRX JDM V7 Sti Journal Bearing Turbo

The VF30 was standard fitment on the WRX STI manufactured late 2001.

It is a good all-round performer, suitable for street driven cars.

The VF30 turbo features a compressor wheel slightly smaller than the VF22 and has a turbine housing the same as the VF24 and VF29. It will come on boost marginally quicker than the VF22 turbo, and provides good all round performance.

This turbo features a 6-blade compressor wheel, which delivers better performance across the entire rev range. Non Ball bearing turbo with a 479 comp wheel and P18 turbine housing.EJ20, EJ22 & EJ25 engines.

All IHI VF turbos are a bolt-on for Subaru EJ20, EJ22 & EJ25 engines.

Manufacturer: IHI

$1798.37(inc GST)

Turbo RHF5HB VF30 Suits Subaru WRX - Click to enlarge
Turbo RHF5HB VF30 Suits Subaru WRX

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