Walbro Fuel Pump 535 LPH In Tank

(Product Code: F90000295)

New High-Performance Fuel Pump – F90000295:

- Highest flow in-tank brushed fuel pump offering from TI Automotive / Walbro
- No Internal check valve - ideal for racing applications to build oil pressure prior to start-up
- Featuring award winning DCSS technology
- E85 compatible
- High-pressure relief setting - supports supercharger and turbo applications
- Capable of supporting 900+HP at 60PSI naturally aspirated applications

 GAS & E85
Horsepower: 900+ at 60PSI, naturally aspirated applications
Over All Pump Length: 131mm
Main Housing Diameter: 39mm
Lower Housing Diameter: 50mm
Fuel Inlet Diameter: 11mm OD
Fuel Outlet Diameter: 11mm OD
Flow Rate: 535LPH at 40psi
Test Voltage: 13.5 Volts

Note: Pump does NOT have a check valve

Manufacturer: Walbro

$291.50(inc GST)

Walbro Fuel Pump 535 LPH In Tank - Click to enlarge

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